Austin Wolff
Motivational Youtube

I watched a video on youtube about a man who was a paratrooper in the army. He jumped out of so many planes that the doctors told him he would never walk unassisted again. He put on weight and became depressed. All yoga teachers would turn him down but eventually he found one that would help him out. Through months of yoga, hard work, and lots of falling down he lost all the weight and could not only walk unassisted but could run and sprint! the video was extremely inspiring and gave a great message of never giving up. It is very uplifting to see someone like that come out on top.

Jack Ass 3.5

Today I watched Jack Ass 3.5. It was pretty good and just lots of throw away footage mainly. The things these guys do to themselves and one another blows me away and cracks me up. I always wanted to know how much they pay these guys to do the insane antics they do. My favorite scene was steve-o getting bit on the ass by an alligator turtle, then it would just not let go and he was screaming ” I knew it wasnt gonna let go, I knew it wasnt gonna let go.” Although it was sad seeing Ryan Dunn I still liked watching the movie, it brought back many memories of laughter. I will definitely not be trying this at home.

Joe Dirt

Today I watched Joe Dirt. It was funny in a stupid way. I enjoyed to movie because I needed a laugh. He went to Baton Rouge during the movie which was also pretty cool. Joe Dirt was trying to find his mother and father who abandoned him as a child, in the end he finally finds his parents but they are selfish, greedy people. He marries the girl of his dreams and starts a new family with his wife and friends. What I got out of this movie was home is where you make it. Also that no one looks good in a mullet. 

Gay Pride LSU!!!!

So today I noticed a gay pride festival at the Union at LSU. And I am in no way against too men getting married. It is their constitutional right to do so and even if I wouldn’t marry another man theres no reason someone else shouldn’t be able too. But heres the thing. Seeing cross dressers it just makes me uncomfortable. Again im not against them but really the whole man dressing up in drag is just a bit much for me and i couldn’t help but feeling like they were imposing on me. Have no idea why i felt this way but i did. Maybe its because i very much enjoy ladies. and seeing a Dude that is also a “girl” really throws my whole game or balance off. So im for gay marriage. Against cross dressing.

Face Eater

Recently i heard a story concerning a man who was allegedly ” high on bath salts”, who was killed by police during the act of eating a homeless persons face off. First I read the story and assumed it had to be some sort of joke. It went into detail how when the officer told him to get off he just looked up, growled and resumed consumed this poor homeless mans face off. What the hell are they putting in bath salts? PCP? The police officer shoots the crazed, drugged man once and it doesn’t even faze the guy he just continues to munch on poor hobo’s money maker. Finally a second shot kills the Bath saltist. This screamed one thing to me. Do not do senthetic drugs. We have zero idea what is in them and this is what can happen. Down with bath salts.

Thats My Boy

That’s My Boy is an Adam Sandler movie about a boy who impregnates his teacher when he is in middle school. This made me think about how horrible it would be to impregnate someone at such a young age. One financially, having a child out of wedlock and under the age of 18, it can destroy you. You do not get a chance to establish a good life and in turn provide a better life for that child. We can see by Adam Sandler’s character who becomes a screw up. Runs out of all his money and if he doesn’t come up with the forty thousand dollars of debt he as accumulated he will go to jail. Good movie, main thing i got from it was. WRAP IT UP.

America is the 88th most unsafe Country

We dropped 7 rankings from 81 to 88 on the annual list of most unsafe nations. This surprised me because I feel like we live in a pretty safe country in comparison to say the middle east or northern Africa. Then I started to wonder how they would judge a country. On murder or robberies or war? Perhaps im not aware of how dangerous America can be because I generally find myself in nicer more suburban areas. I feel very blessed to live in this country overall and think maybe they rated us a bit harshley on the scale. Canada got Number 5 so… idk about 88. Considering we are right next door to Canada its shocking there is such a gap eh? Go USA!

Rodney King Dies

Rodney King was an African American who was pulled over and the cops beat him almost to death. Little did they no that there was someone with a video camera. The video helped prove that some police dont like black people and that police brutality is a real thing. It is very sad that this man died on fathers day. Mr. King was a father. This also made me wonder if black police officers ever pull over white people and just kick their ass because of the color of there skin.  I personally believe that police are brave, needed people yet it gets annoying when they get power boners and take advantage of that power.

Chris Brown vs. Drake

This weekend I read a news article that pertained to a bar fight between R&B artist Chris Brown and Drake. Chris sent Drake a bottle of champaign and Drake sent back the bottle with a not saying ” I F&@%ed the love of your life”. Apparently Drake and Rihanna had relations during her relationship with Chris Brown, maybe thats why he beat her up. But the thing that really annoyed me about this article was the fact that as the two rappers crews were proceeding to throw bottles at each other across the club, they hit innocent bystanders in the head with glass bottles as well as trashing the club. When rich celebrities have beef its embarrassing to see innocent bystanders hurt.

Fallout 3

This weekend I have been playing some fallout 3. A video game based on the world after a nuclear war. There is radiation and mutants all over the place. A handfull countries around the world have the nuclear capabilities and some seem a bit radical. Iran for example. India and China have nuclear capabilities as well. I think Russia but not sure. If one of these nuclear bombs were to be used against another it would most likely mean a nuclear war, destroying most of are planet, and we would be living Fallout 3. I wonder if this game’s radioactive zombies are based on hiroshima or nagasaki. Can’t even imagine the sort of things that happened due to radiation to all of those people. Good game. Check it out.